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Please avoid this car dealership. I am going to give you my review of E MOTORS LTD. I recently purchased a Kia Soul from E MOTORS LTD in November 2021. The car was priced at £3,490 and Mr. Mecina reduced the car down to £3,300 in agreement with myself. Mr. Mecina said that because he reduced price, there would be no warranty that comes with the vehicle. When enquiring about the vehicle on Nov 22nd 2021 there was impeding expiration of the MOT in December 2021. I questioned Mr. Mecina about this and Mr. Mecina said he would get the car booked in for an MOT same day (22/11/2021) at a local MOT testing station. Mr. Mecina advised me after the MOT had been conducted that the car FAILED for (Headlamp not operating when in dipped mode) and had one advisory for (Crack in front passenger tire). I would have imagined that Mr. Mecina rectified the headlamp issue and then put the vehicle back in for a retest, sometime later. However the car was retested for the MOT and subsequently PASSED with only the same one advisory for (Crack in front passenger tire). An advisory is something to repair if only necessary. I gave Mr. Mecina a £100 deposit to hold the vehicle for me which was deducted from the £3,300 leaving £3,200 to pay upon collection. Mr. Mecina requested the £100 deposit to be paid to his Personal Bank Account. I advised Mr. Mecina I would be travelling to the dealership to collect the vehicle on Nov 23rd 2021 from Halifax (4 hours away) and that I would be there for 12pm. Mr. Mecina was not at the dealership when I arrived and was infact 2 hours late, which meant I was stood outside in the freezing bitter cold for 2 hours for him, and when he arrived there was no apology at all. When I was there Mr. Mecina and myself went through all the relevant documentation. Mr. Mecina claimed that the card machine in his office was out of service and not working, so I had to pay the remainder £3,200 to his Personal Bank Account yet again, slightly in all honesty. Mr. Mecina also got the vehicle into a nearby tire shop and said he would get a new part worn tire on the vehicle to replace the tire on the MOT advisory that had a crack in it as reported. On my journey from London to Halifax, I could not drive above 60mph as the steering wheel of the vehicle began vigorously trembling. When I challenged Mr. Mecina about this Mr. Mecina said it's because it needs a wheel alignment. I also noticed on my journey home that the Front Passenger Headlamp which was the cause for the MOT to FAIL was also not rectified and was not operational on my journey to Halifax. Therefore the MOT retest should have also been a FAIL however it looks like the vehicle was pushed through and a fraudulent pass given. The vehicle was tested at SHARIF AUTO SERVICES, please avoid using these. I took the car to a tire shop, and the mechanic confirmed that the steering wheel was trembling above 60mph because the front passenger tire had a crack in it (When Mr. Mecina claimed he had repacked this with a new part worn one) and the front drivers tire was infact a snow tire. Mr. Mecina agreed rather reluctantly to pay for 2 brand new Michelin tires (£65 each). In regards to the Front Passenger Headlamp that was not operational, Mr. Mecina also rather reluctantly agreed to pay for this, which is the admission that this car should not have passed the MOT retest. Mr. Mecina also paid to have the fuse in the cigarette lighter fixed as this did not work at all from the point of collecting it. In total Mr. Mecina paid £170 in repairs for the vehicle in the first week of having the vehicle. This could have all being avoided if the vehicle was sold in satisfactory and good condition. I also had to pay out of pocket myself for a set of front window wipers and 1 rear window wiper because the wipers that were on the vehicle were completely unsatisfactory. I am also having to look at getting a new seat belt buckle for the driver's seat because the seat belt does not clip into the seat belt buckle correctly. I am not hounding Mr. Mecina for the cost of the seat belt buckle because that is an easy fix, and to be quite honest with you Mr. Mecina comes across as very intimidating, aggressive and quite fierce when speaking with him on the phone, shouting at you down the phone like your parents. E MOTORS LTD and SHARIF AUTO SERVICES have subsequently been reported to Trading Standards of Hackney and the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for further investigation. Please take your money elsewhere to a more reputable dealer that does not sell faulty cars that are life endangering. Trust and believe the reviews from other customers.

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